Tuesday, March 06, 2007

LIT at AWP 2007 in Atlanta!

Hi, everyone. In an attempt to make our blog a bit more jazzy, enjoy some photos from our editorial staff's recent trip to the AWP 2007 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, from February 28th to March 3rd.

The Downtown Atlanta Hilton, where the conference took place. Swanky.

We shared a table with our friends from Redivider, RealPoetik, Kitchen Press, and Rose Metal Press.

Peter represents for LIT. Word.

The (Da?) New School Boyz: Co-Editor Peter Bogart Johnson, Editor at Large Mark Bibbins, and Poetry Editor Graeme Bezanson.

Our windswept Associate Fiction Editor, Emily Taylor.

LIT 13 Co-Editors Peter Bogart Johnson and Nicole Steinberg.

LIT 12 Editor Justin Marks "officially" passes the torch to the new editors at the So and So South Reading on March 2nd, hosted by Chris Tonelli at Atlanta's Apache Cafe.

LIT 11 contributor Amy King.

LIT 12 contributor Jen Tynes.

Good reading material for sale at the event.

The excited (but very hungry) crowd enjoys the evening.


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